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Article: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for women. Gift ideas for mom. There are countless, but at the same time it’s so hard to find the one that is just right for yours. Mother’s Day is approaching, and finding the perfect gift takes some prep time— which is why we’re delivering you this guide ahead of time. Whether it be a gift of gratitude for everything they’ve done, simply a gift of love, or maybe a little bit of both: Here is the environmentally pure take on Mother’s Day.

What does your mom’s story look like? Is she the person that put all her time and energy into you as you grew, and now puts all her time and energy into worrying about you as you grow? Someone who took so much time spoiling you that they never really took time to spoil themselves. She’s been worrying so much about what her kids like, but what about what SHE likes? Is she a foodie? Here’s an idea: Sure there are the food trucks that you’ve found adventuring around town or the small mom and pop shops, but we’re talking about spoiling her right? Taking her somewhere so that she can have an experience, or taste a flavor, that can communicate your love and gratitude. Let’s take a look at the best of the best— 3 Star, MICHELIN Restaurants.

As you’re scrolling through, you’ll see that there is actually a fourth star on some of these restaurants. Instead of the classic red, they’re green. When picking a restaurant to go to, keep an eye out for that color. The MICHELIN Green Star is a badge of honor in terms of gastronomy and sustainability, so you are not only giving your mom the best, you are giving Mother Earth the best.

Whether you want to take her to try her favorite cuisines in a more refined setting, or you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, find the best way to show her that here. Using the filters, you can sift through different cuisines and easily cross reference that with the MICHELIN Green Star to find perfect matches. If you know she would really appreciate a certain experience, there are other filters like “Garden or park” or “Great view”. Take a look and find the best fit for you and your mom.

Or maybe, she’s the person that has been hustling and bustling for her kid’s as long as you’ve known her. She probably hasn’t taken a break since the moment they were born— heck— maybe even before they were born. One of the best things that you can do for these mom’s is the gift of rest. Sometimes taking care of things so they can get a nap is the best present, but if you want to go big for the Mother’s Day of 2023, one of the BEST sustainable options for an amazing break is a visit to natural hot springs. Not all hot springs are sustainable, despite a lot of them occurring naturally. Which is why we are going to point you to locations that, not only promise relaxation, but are responsible caretakers of these beautiful landscapes.

  1. If you’re looking to go all in and send her off on a vacation, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is an excellent option. This is one of the 25 Wonders of the World.

“Healing waters. A subterranean spa. Gourmet cuisine. Luxurious suites. Otherworldly vistas. A universe of radiant wellbeing.”

Taking the wholistic approach of being in tune with the environment while also taking care of it, the Blue Lagoon offers a level of wonder and magnificence for your loved ones that can actually scratch the surface of everything that they have done for their families. Healing for the struggles that comes with carrying the responsibility of a mother, relaxation for the tired mind, soul, and body that continues to carry that weight, and luxurious lodgings. To call it the ultimate spa day isn’t enough to describe it— It’s a ticket to wonder.

  1. An option that is a little closer to home is Castle Hot Springs in Arizona. One of the top luxury outdoor destinations in the United States. They actually received the Sustainable Certificate by the Arizona Sustainability Alliance. They host their own farm, five-star dining, daily activities, and of course access to mineral rich, geothermal waters. Take it from Olivia from this Yelp review.

“Quite literally the best resort I've ever been to hands down. Everything was top notch: the food, the amenities, the hot springs, but most importantly the service. No question was too small and every request was met with a smile.

I cannot wait to go back!”

Conversely to the holiday, I’m going to bring up a story about my dad. He and my mom are both the oldest siblings in the family, so when it came to making sacrifices for the family— they definitely weren’t foreign to it. For a time, they were the ones responsible for providing housing for one of my dad’s younger sisters and my mom’s younger sisters. My parents had just gotten married and my dad had finally bought his dream car. When they had to make the decision to help the younger sisters get through college, there wasn’t really a question. He had the Mustang for a few weeks. I know that it’s a story about siblings, but there’s definitely the same sentiment— if not more— when applied to a mother and her child. She gave up her career to raise me. Why bring up the story of my dad and not one of my mom? Though it would be an awesome gift, I highly doubt that you and I are capable of building our parent’s careers. Parents give up really nice things for the ones they love.

Maybe we can’t bring back a thriving career, but maybe we can give them something really nice. The fancy restaurants were something really specific to get the gears turning for a present that aligns with those niche things that she appreciates, but there are some general— yet extremely powerful— gifts for mom that communicate the same love and gratitude. One of the strongest representations of love that has survived the test of time is precious gems. Precious gems are such a great testament to love because of their unbreakable shine. Though we’re going this direction because it’s a more general gift that can fit in a lot of situations, it should still be personal. Three vital elements in a gift to express love.

“I love you”

“I” - You. The person giving the gift. It’s valuable because it’s FROM you. It’s personal. Something that you two share, something special. 

“Love” - Something beautiful, powerful, expensi— I mean valuable. Something that is really worthy of communicating all that you feel and have toward this person.

“You” - Them. Whatever her story is. Her. The superhero that raised you.

Precious gems to represent the “love”, and a customized piece for the “you” and “I”. Now presenting the mother’s ring. A beautiful ring with birthstones to represent the people you want immortalized in that piece of jewelry. Whether it be hers and yours or hers, yours, and your father’s— This ring is an amazing way to really bring joy to your mother on this special day.

If you want to put a ring like this together, or have another idea for a piece, schedule a consultation with one of our experts! Not only are they an expert of crafting jewelry, they are experts on crafting a picture of the love that you have for another. Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and because we have a bespoke process that we imbue intricate details and care into— It takes some time to deliver. May 14th is not too far away, so contact us as soon as you can!

The same with Iceland or Arizona! If you have to purchase a ticket, sooner is always better than later when it comes to prices. Whatever you decide, let’s make our mother’s feel really appreciated this year. They’ve stuck around with us this long, they better get their time’s worth!

Now finally, a story about my mom. I don’t know what your relationship with your mom looks like— I’ve always had a really nice one with her. Her and my sister? Not so much. They would (sometimes still) fight… A lot. One night, I remember my mom just crying and saying, “I just always thought that I would be friends with my kids.” That they would want to talk with her. I put this one last because I don’t think there’s really a better present. Not something that represents the relationship, but the relationship itself. The love itself. The care itself. I know we brought up a lot of different expensive options to really spoil your mom, but she never really put aside her career and gave up all her time to get paid back one day in the future. She did it for you.

So just sit down with her and talk. If that’s not enough and you still want to spoil her a little bit fine. Grab an expensive bottle of wine to accompany the conversation. Benziger Family Winery, one of the best names in the business when it comes to sustainable wine.

Benziger Family Winery was founded in 1980 and takes a Biodynamic, organic, and sustainable approach to tending vineyards and making wine. This means enhancing and maintaining biodiversity with carefully constructed wetlands that filter water and offer habitat for a multitude of species. The winery has recycled millions of gallons of water and, in addition to water conservation, Benziger generate electricity using solar panels and use energy efficient equipment in their wineries.”

They have plenty of award winning wines that are available for you to buy on May 16th to share with your mother. The lowest priced thing on our list, but definitely not the least value. If you would still like to spend more money, there are plenty of places to purchase fine wine. is a great place to start. Grab two glasses, and give her— quite possibly— the best gift you can. You.

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