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Article: Eco-Luxury Gifts for Her in Spring 2023

Eco-Luxury Gifts for Her in Spring 2023

Eco-Luxury Gifts for Her in Spring 2023

What should I buy her? The age old question that only gets harder over time, as your amazing gifts for her begin to fill her jewelry box, closet, and purses. Discovering an impressive gift that does not contribute to negative environmental or social impacts is not the easiest task. Spring is not only a new season, but a celebration of life. With a whole new wardrobe incoming, and keeping the beautiful globe we live on in mind, there are a lot of things to think about. Here are a number of luxury Eco-Friendly gifts you can buy her just for Spring 2023. Heeding to the five rules of gift giving: something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, something to read, and a special gift.

Something She Wants

A Bag For The Season

According to Editorialist, fashion has 4 bags that are perfect for her this Spring.

1 - Bad-Boy Shoulder Bags

An edgy aesthetic that younger shoppers (like your significant other) are eager to jump on this trend. What outfits can these bags go with? A wide variety! Take one look through a Google search of ‘Spring 2023 bag trends’ and find a wide variety of outfits that can go with one of these bags: From jeans and sneakers to heels and dresses.
Ferragamo is aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations, with the initiative of “Responsible Passion”

A great pick for environmentally conscious individuals

2 - Gatsby-Era Glitz

Sequins. Need we say more? Spring’s representation of life in a bag. Energy, bubbly, joy— all the things that should go into an exciting present. Let her carry something that gleams just like she does on coffee dates on a bright day!
Stella McCartney is practically synonymous with ethical luxury at this point. Not only were they the first vegetarian luxury label, but they also have a perfect handbag to carry into the new season!
3 - Updated Work Bags
Not everyone has to work from home. A shame that they don’t get the opportunity of putting together a professional work outfit. Not only do these totes add to her sleek look as she walks into the office, but has plenty of room for the necessities.

O My Bag contributes to the protection of the environment and society with sustainable leather and fair jobs. In addition to that, they use recycled cotton, encourages slow fashion and reusing, makes packages with recycled materials, and minimizes CO2 emissions from shipping.

4 - Crepe Clutches

Work isn’t the only place that needs its own bag. Friday, Saturday, and other nights out are an even better opportunity for luxury wrapped around essentials.

Elvis and Kresse is full of highly skilled craftspeople that create beautifully designed bags from 15 different reclaimed materials. Established in 2005 to save London’s decommissioned fire-hoses and they continue to take away from landfill and contribute to high fashion.

An Upgrade

What does she like to do? Is she a vlogger or a coffee-addict? Here are picks if she is interested in either! (If you know something else she likes to do, jump in and see what Spring 2023 has to offer hobbyists!)

Nikon Z30

A camera that is made for making videos at home! Creating crisp content with crystal-clear audio. Autofocus that tracks her eyes, amazing depth of field, and perfect for low-light settings. If she needs a new camera, this is definitely the way to go! (The Z8 is coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that if she is into photography.)

Nikon not only has been one of the brands that have contributed to a closer and clearer look at nature, their Long-Term Environmental Vision takes a proactive stance to take on environmental risks and regulations. Reducing greenhouse gases, achieving a resource-circulating society, and other various initiatives have been taken by the company.

Jura Z10 Premium Automatic Espresso Machine - Aluminum White

There’s nothing like the smell of a coffee beans in the morning. Perking up at the smell, the flavor, and the look of luxury. Those fresh mornings can also be clear of guilt because of Jura’s core values of ecological responsibility in durability and energy efficiency.

Something She Needs

Has she ever said she wishes she had an extra pair of hands?

Gita Mini Cargo Robot

If she’s anything like me (itching to get to spring cleaning), an extra pair of hands always helps. Not just for the season, though it is a great place to start, but throughout the day to day.

A robot that follows you wherever you go. Whether that be moving things around the house or going for a walk without your HydroFlask banging into your knee— Here’s an extra pair of hands. Name a better present than an extra pair of hands. I keep emphasizing that because my Mom has been asking for one of those since I was young. (Meaning that one of these could be the perfect present for your mother too!)

On top of that, one of the reasons that these were created was so that you could lower your own carbon footprint. Walking instead of driving because you have something to carry what you need will do more for the environment than you could know. Every time you choose this option, countless ecosystems are allowed to thrive even more.

Something to Wear

Quiet Luxury

Luxury is the pinnacle of the brand hierarchy, but that does not mean that the aesthetic stays the same. The look for Spring 2023 is looking a little different. Here are some options for her to dress for the season in an environmentally conscious way:

The Clinched-Waist Blazer

We may have found your key to sustainable luxury. Net-A-Porter selects sustainable clothing from a variety of sources to sell on their website, so feel free to browse through their options. We are going to be providing you options that are perfect for Spring 2023:

“Our curated product selection offers the opportunity to invest in consciously crafted, lasting luxury across fashion, jewelry, beauty and homeware. Every product is carefully selected to ensure it meets at least one of our nine key attributes...”

The Clean-Lined Skirt

Another selection from Net-A-Porter

“This relaxed-fitting skirt has a straight cut tailored from stretchy wool blended with Eco-nylon. Wear it lower on the hips with a billowing button-down.”

The Sleek Jean

The Prized Layering Piece

The Nonchalant Trouser

“Its environment rating is 'it's a start'. It uses some eco-friendly materials including recycled materials. It has fast fashion traits such as on trend styles and regular new arrivals. It has a policy approved by CanopyStyle to prevent deforestation of ancient and endangered forests in some of its supply chain. It has set a science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from its own operations and supply chain but there is no evidence it is on track to meet its target.” - Good On You (

The Seriously Strong Outerwear

The Elevated Essential

The Luxe Loafer

The Power Shirt

The Biker Jacket Alternative

Something to Read

Good reads that doubles as gorgeous home decor. The trend for Spring 2023, books to accent your coffee tables:

Our Favorites:

1 - Bogghossian: Expertise, Craftsmanship, Innovation

We might be a little biased towards jewelry, but gemological expertise and artistry over a century old is an appetizing read for me. The knowledge of a master jeweler whose pieces are getting world-record sales at auctions. An amazing read with an even more beautiful cover!

2 - Tiffany & Co. Vision and Virtuosity

We love Tiffany! Artists. What other word can be used to describe them? From that first store in New York City in 1837 to the icon that they are today. Fellow artists have to appreciate good pieces.

A Special Gift

Diamond Jewelry

What better gift to say “luxury” and “I love you” all in one other than diamond jewelry? While Tiffany has an age old style built over time, there is a ring just for you with the styles born from this past generation. What says Spring 2023 than a style born from this time? Purecious Jewelry is the place for you to get uniquely, intricate jewelry with an emphasis on environmental purity.

Check out our designs and contact us now!

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